Using your permanent subdomain of HelpHub

You're welcome to use your permanent subdomain of as your knowledge base's primary URL, but we recommend adding a custom domain to make your site look more professional and to reduce confusion for your users.

Set up your custom domain in your HelpHub dashboard

To add a custom domain, first go to the Customization tab on your dashboard.

In the "Custom Domain" field, add the hostname you'd like to use for your HelpHub site. Many of our customers use a subdomain of their website's primary domain for their knowledge base, for example or You're also welcome to use a naked domain as your site's custom domain name.

Once you've entered your custom domain, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the Customization panel. You'll see that below the "Custom Domain" field a new field has appeared titled "Custom Domain DNS Target".

Add your new custom domain to your DNS provider

To finish setting up your custom domain, you'll need to edit your website's DNS records. If you didn't set up your site's DNS configuration or are uncomfortable with modifying DNS records, contact whoever set up your website or domain for more help. Otherwise continue reading.

The final step will vary depending on your DNS provider. If you're looking for a new DNS provider we highly recommend Cloudflare.

Generally, the last step is to create a new CNAME record with your DNS provider. The host portion of your CNAME record should be the value you entered in the "Custom Domain" field, and the target portion of the CNAME record should be the value shown in the "Custom Domain DNS Target" field.